Safi Urban Agency is an executive public administration under the tutelage of Ministry of Territorial Development, Urbanism, Housing the City Politics. Endowed with moral and financial autonomy, Safi Urban Agency is subject to the supervision and financial control of the State either.

Created by the Royal Dahir N° 1-93- 51 establishing Urban Agencies and Decree N° 2-97- 361 issued in 27 joumada Il 1418 (Octobre 30th, 1997), the territorial remit of Safi Urban Agency are defined by the decree N° 2-99- 713 issued in October 1 st , 1999.


Safi Urban Agency assigned the following attributions:
According to article 3 of the Royal Edict as law N° 1-93- 51 of 22 Rabia I 1414 (10 september 1993), the urban agency is in charge of:

  1. Carrying out the necessary studies for the establishment of master plans for urban development and the monitoring of the implementation of the orientations defined therein
  2. The planning of development projects inherent to the achievement of the objectives of the master plans
  3. The preparation of the regulatory planning documents, including zoning plans, rural (Plan de Développement des Agglomérations Rurales, PDAR ) and urban development plans (Plan d’aménagement, PA)
  4. Delivery of conformity notice on Land Severance, subdivision development plans and constructions transmitted by the competent authorities within the maximum limit of one month
  5. Monitoring the compliance of Land severances projects, subdivisions development plans, and constructions with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
  6. Leading the required studies of Sectorial Development Plans besides the studies requested by private and public sectors when they have a public utility
  7. Participating in enterprises whose activities overlaps with the assignments and missions of the Urban Agency
  8. The promotion and implementation of urban rehabilitation operations, buildings’ renewal and the restructuring of neighborhoods deprived of equipments and infrastructures, and to this end carry out the necessary studies for such operations.
  9. Promoting, with the assistance of the elected bodies, the formation and development of ownership groupings, through providing them with the required frameworks to facilitate the implementation of urban planning documents and, in particular, trade union associations in accordance with the legislation in force in this area and to monitor the operations carried out by the said associations in coordination with the aforementioned communal councils;
  10. Providing technical assistance to local authorities, public and private stakeholders in urban planning and development in response to their request,
  11. Collecting and disseminating all information relating to urban development

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